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The Cry of Reason

Beyers Naude: An Afrikaner Speaks Out
The Cry of Reason

The Cry of Reason is the remarkable personal and social odyssey of Rev. Beyers Naude as he moves from  South Africa’s white Afrikaner elite to his new ministry dedicated to the liberation of South Africa’s black population.


Starting out as a member of the Afrikaner secret society that invented apartheid, he becomes a student of Steve Biko. Scorned by his own people, he is taken in by South Africa’s blacks: “I am astounded every day by the forgiveness that I find in blacks.”


The Cry of Reason is a wealth of footage and information on apartheid, South African history, massacres, the black consciousness movement, repression of children, death squads and the remarkable black religious leaders of the battle against apartheid. 


The Cry of Reason was nominated in 1988 for an Academy Award.

Released: 1988

Directed by Robert Bilheimer

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